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Dan Savage is the author of "Savage Love," the internationally syndicated sex advice column, and the editor of The Stranger, Seattle's alternative news weekly.

You can read about ITMFA in Savage Love here and here.

Dan Savage writes every day on SLOG, The Stranger's Blog.



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ITMFA Make the News

Geez—I run out of buttons, and suddenly ITMFA is making news. I might have to start shipping 'em again.

Anyway, a quick note: If you're the person in Washington DC who has ITMFA license plates on your car (I failed to save your email), please send me a note at savage@thestranger.com. The Washington Post wants to talk with you about your plates, your politics, and your feelings for our president.


If this is your car, if these are your plates, please get in touch!


Send us comments and pictures of people wearing ITMFA t-shirts, buttons, etc.
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More Gear

Want t-shirts, bumper stickers, thongs, mousepads, hats or other ITMFA stuff? Check out the selection at semi-ITMFA-affiliated Slapnose!

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Trash W!

Want to make "ITMFA/Trash W" t-shirts or stickers of your very own? Here's the regular version; here's a backwards version. Of all the ITMFA designs that have come in, I have to say that this one is my absolute favorite.
trash w
Regular Version
Backwards Version