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July 27, 2006

Casey To Savage: You're Vulgar!

I sent Bob Casey—Sen. Rick Santorum's Dem opponent in PA—a big check, and Casey sent it back because he didn't want to get any bad press for taking money from the likes of me. Well, Casey earned himself a little bad press anyway. From Wednesday's Philadelphia Inquirer:

Democrat Bob Casey Jr. needs all the contributors he can get to unseat U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum—except Dan Savage, apparently.

The Seattle-based syndicated sex columnist who minted a raunchy definition of "santorum" and assembled a Web site to share it with all the world tried channeling his distaste for Pennsylvania's junior senator with a $2,100 contribution to Casey's campaign.

But six weeks after receiving a thank-you call from a Casey staffer and an invite to his Seattle fundraiser, Savage learned this week that his money wasn't necessarily welcomed.

Not directly, at least.

Casey's finance director called Savage on Tuesday to say thanks, but no thanks. The "higher ups" in the campaign decided the contribution could cause Casey more trouble than it was worth, Savage said he was told. Savage said he was then directed to some organizations supportive of Casey that might accept the check.

"That way Casey could benefit from my money without having to, you know, associate himself with the likes of me," Savage wrote on his blog. "Huh."

Casey's spokesman, Larry Smar, said the campaign returned the check "because of the controversial comments on his Santorum Web site and his column." They took a closer look at his work, decided his comments were "vulgar" and nixed the donation, Smar said.

Casey returned the money despite Santorum's fundraising advantage. The senator has raised $20.1 million as of last month — double Casey's campaign take.

Campaigns routinely vet their donors, looking to weed out people with unsavory backgrounds or anything else that could cause the candidate embarrassment down the road. Add sex columnist to the list of apparently questionable characters.

Then again, Savage isn't just any sex columnist. His anti-Santorum Web site is the No. 1 hit on a Google search of the senator's name, spawning a pop-culture reference used by the likes of liberal activist and actress Janeane Garofalo.

"Casey should man-up and take my money," Savage said today in an interview. "A little money from me isn't going to hurt him and he shouldn't be such a baby about it."

He admits to being miffed and a bit hurt. He did, after all, endure the scorn of some readers who objected to him supporting an anti-abortion candidate like Casey.

"I'm a pragmatic Democrat," Savage said.

His donation will go to Philadelphians Against Santorum, a grassroots organization.

July 19, 2006

Spotted in Massachusetts

Mister Grumpy spotted this car in Cambridge today...


Have you seen ITMFA anywhere? Take a pic and send it in!

July 18, 2006

The Mail Keeps Coming

Toni sends news of a rather sad ITMFA sighting...

I was in northern Minnesota, where I'm from, over the 4th of July weekend with my boyfriend. On our way out of town back to Minneapolis, we stopped at the Paul and Sheila Wellstone Memorial to pay our respects. At the entrance to the trails at the memorial, there's a polished stone monument with a poem engraved on it. On it, people had left a few mementos—campaign buttons, silk flowers, etc. Someone had also left an ITMFA button. I contemplated (for half a second) taking it, since the website has been sold out for awhile, but I left it to remind people that there's still hope!—Toni

An ITMFA drama in one short act...

Dear Dan and the ITMFAfites: I am a lawyer, so I bought two ITMFA pins; one to wear on my coat and one for my shirt pocket in the office. I have to confess that out of respect and a little fear of retaliation against my clients, I take off the ITMFA pin in the courtrooms of Red judges. I have this fantasy script of a bench conference with some Republican appointed judge: "Mr. Nagel, what does that ITMFA pin stand for?" "Your honor, it stands for: "It's The Motherland of Freedom, America!" "Mr. Lawyer, I don't think that's what your pin stands for!" "Well Judge, that's what they told me it stood for." "Who told you?" "The folks who want to see Bush impeached."—Tom

And, finally, at least one ITMFA buttons is in the hands of a US Congressperson...

I handed one of your buttons to Rahm Emmanuel (D-IL) at a meet and greet in the Portage Park Jewel.—Cheryl PS: Sorry about your Cubs. Not real sorry.

Yeah, and I'm sorry about your White Sox, Cheryl. (I'm going to assume you're a Sox fan, since you're gloating, and that's not very nice—which is just like a Sox fan.) All that winning and shit—it's got to be tiresome after a while.

July 14, 2006

What To Tell the Kids?

The owner of the DC license plates, pictured below, has a question...

I couldn't believe it when I saw my car on your site. I've been waiting to take the pic and send it in, because I promised my lovely friend Genevieve that she would be in the picture. This because she is the one who alerted me to the site, this terrific grassroots movement, and the possibility of vanity plates. What's really funny about all this? I'm a 40 year old Mommy of two boys, who's never had vanity plates, ever. How do I explain the acronym to the kids?—Julie O.

You have two options about what to tell the kids, Julie...

ITMFA = "Imeach the Miserable Failure Already." Google will back you up on this one, Julie. Search "miserable failure" on Google and you'll see what I mean. If you don't want to politicize your chillun' so young, you could go with what my boyfriend tells our son about the ITMFA plates on our car...

ITMFA = "I Took Mom's Fine Advice." Considering your mommy status, this option has obvious appeal.

Finally, feel free to send in another picture of your car—this time with your friend Genevieve in it. I'd be happy to post another—hey, anything for the woman driving around DC with ITMFA plates on her car!

July 11, 2006

Hey! What's Going On?

Sorry about the website going dark—I've been swamped trying to fill orders, and we've run out of buttons and pins, and thanks to my ineptitude or the U.S. Postal Service, a small percentage of orders are AWOL. In between fielding emails from anxious/angry folks wondering where their buttons and pins are and sending stuff—to say nothing of writing my column, editing my newspaper, and tending to my wife and child—I haven't had much time to toss up posts on the website.

But I'm on vacation now—and, hey, what better time to get some extra work done? First, a letter from Matthew...

I saw this on my way home yesterday in our nation's capital, and was thrilled. I never thought I'd actually see one of these plates. Did you ever think it would get this big when you proposed this?


I wonder if Bushie or his minions have ever seen this guy driving around DC. It's disturbing how many years of presidential work and international relations this idiot has undone in 6 years. Enjoy, and thanks for all the great advice, even if it's not coming directly to me, I still learn a great deal!—Matthew G.

Thanks for sharing, Matthew—and I hope Bush's limo goes past this car three times a week. Moving on...

Hey! I bought five lapel pins and distributed them, but now EVERYBODY wants one. And you're sold out. Is this out-of-stock a permanent thing, or can I expect to be able to order some more soon? They are so much more wearable than the buttons and Ts. Thanks, and keep up the good fight!—Kelly

I'm currently out of pins and buttons, Kelly, and I'm not sure I'm going to be getting any more in. This ITMFA thing has been, as Matthew points out, bigger than I thought it would be when I proposed it. I'm currently on vacation, and when I get home I'll decide whether or not I'm going to stay in the button and pin business...

To close, a reader's July 4th decorations...

ITMFA 012.jpg


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