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May 31, 2006

ITMFA in New York

I was on a panel last night at the 92 St. Y in New York City with my pal Andrew Sullivan and feminist icon Erica Jong. The topic was "Love, Sex, Politics, and Relationships"—in other words, we could pretty much talk about whatever the hell we wanted to talk about. And we did: Republicans, sex scandals, Democrats, monogamy, abortion, hypocrisy (fags pro under certain circumstances, icon con), gay marriage, gay parents, gay sex, straight marriage, straight parents, straight sex. But the highlight of the evening for me, however, took place during the book signing after the talk...


The best looking guy at the lecture not only bought my books but also showed up in an ITMFA t-shirt. (Thanks for making my night, TCBATL!) I also spotted ITMFA buttons on a few other folks at the talk...

May 30, 2006

Plates In, Money Out

My new Washington State License Plates have arrived!


And the checks have been sent...

$4000 to the ACLU.
$2000 to Ned Lamont.
$2000 to Bob Casey.

Wow! What an awesome fundraiser this ITMFA stuff turned out to be. So who should get the next chunk of ITMFA change?

Let me know who you think should get the next check. There's another $2000 burning a hole in my checking acount, so write now!

May 23, 2006

New York State Recognizes ITMFA!

What's the hottest thing for cars since CB radios? ITMFA license plates, of course! Readers have sent in photos of their ITMFA plates on cars in North Carolina and Virginia, and I'm still waiting to hear back from my DMV about my request for ITMFA plates. But one person lucky enough to be issued ITMFA plates—Rob in New York—is getting grief from the authorities!

Hey Dan,

So just more than two months after I received and proudly mounted my ITMFA plates on my VW bus, I got a letter yesterday from the State Department of Motor Vehicles. It stated in part that my request for ITMFA was being denied as being inappropriate. It went on to say that they were reinstating my old plates and they enclosed a new registration. Well, I had already returned my old plates to be destroyed, and I love the new ones (New York uses a front plate as well as one in back) so I have decided to stay the coarse and continue to use my ITMFA plates. Hope no one else has had such a problem, but it shows that people are taking notice. Keep up the good work,

Huntington Sta. NY


Thanks for sharing, Rob! And I must say that your VW bus looks almost as good in those ITMFA plates as you do in your anti-Bush t-shirt...

So has anyone else run into the same problem? Are people being denied ITMFA plates? Let me know. And in the meantime, remember... they may be able to make us take ITMFA off our cars, but can't make us take ITMFA off our dogs...

Scout says ITMFA 2.jpg

Scout is looking forward to 2008 or Bush's impeachment, whichever comes first...

May 20, 2006

Four Out of Five Beer Drinkers Agree...

...that's it time to ITFMA!


And now let's meet the brewer...

Keeping to the DIY spirit of ITMFA, I've brewed up a batch of Impeach The Motherfucker Already India Pale Ale (ITMFA IPA). This, of course, means that there'll be one hell of a Fourth of July/ITMFA party at my house. We're giving away ITMFA buttons as swag, and I'm sure there'll be follow-up pictures.

Brewer and Patriot

May 18, 2006

Cutting Checks

Sorry—busy filling a new rush of orders (what's up with that?), and talking to lawyers (seriously!) about who I can and cannot send checks to. Jesus, it's always freakin' something. In the meantime...

Please enjoy the very latest Red State/Blue State map. It's very encouraging, a beautiful sight. Clearly Americans have already impeached Bush in our hearts—now isn't it time our elected Reps did it in the House?


President Bush . . . has a positive job approval in just three of the 50 United States. This according to 50 separate but concurrent statewide public opinion polls conducted by SurveyUSA for its media clients across the country. Only residents of Utah, Wyoming and Idaho view the president favorably.

Sigh. If only it were May of 2004. Moving on...

Remember Iko's awesome "ITMFA/Trash W" design?


Jason, an ITMFA supporter, shared my enthusiasm for Iko's design. Jason writes..

Wonderful site... I'm thrilled to join the movement, and have ordered some buttons for myself and some friends...

I took the liberty of taking the lo-tech trash W artwork to the next level... and I offer you (with the original artist's permission, of course) a PDF file which you might offer to folks via the web site... they could print this PDF onto some of that fancy T-shirt transfer paper. These PDFs feature both the backwards and forwards versions for people to figure out... print the backwards page only if you want to do that crazy transfer thing.... print the normal version if you just want a fun little flyer to put up in your cubicle...

Power to the people, and all that...


Nice work, Jason—thanks for doing your part! Want to make "ITMFA/Trash W" t-shirts or stickers of your very own? Here's the regular version; here's a backwards version. Of all the ITMFA designs that have come in, I have to say that this one is my absolute favorite.

Finally, DemDiva doesn't think much of the ITMFA t-shirts and gear for sale at Slapnose...

I want to scream "ITMFA!" from the rooftops. But so much of the merchandise—no offense—appears to be designed by computer geeks who safety-pin patches on their cargo pants. I wanted something a little more fashion-forward and funky (apologies for the alliteration). Something that would go seamlessly from day to evening. So I designed a couple of somewhat more hip logos....



These designs and more are available at my cafepress store.


Thanks for sharing, DemDiva. It's a nice design—but, hey, computer geeks need ITMFA gear too!

May 16, 2006

Knitta Please!

It looks like ITMFA is being embraced by the "fiber arts community." Abigail spotted this post on Needles & Hooks , one of the cool knitting blogs she checks out every day...

I'm a big fan of Dan Savage. He's the Editor of The Stranger, a Seattle weekly paper. He's also widely known for his frank and amusing weekly sex advice column, Savage Love.... Often people write to him asking about a relationship and it's clear from the description in the letter that the writer is being taken advantage of. Dan's primary advice is “DTMFA” (dump the motherfucker already). In recent months, in response to Dan's continued frustration with American politics, and most importantly, the man at the top, a reader suggested ITMFA (I=Impeach). It's a grass roots movement, and he encourages people to make their own ITMFA projects. He sells lapel pins and buttons (donating proceeds to the ACLU), many have gotten license plates, made bumper stickers, and designed t-shirts.

I decided that there had to be a fiber contribution:


Wow! What beautiful work, Needles & Hooks! There's a link to a PDF of N&H's ITMFA pattern on her website. And, hey, I'd love to have one to hang on my wall here at ITMFA HQ...

May 15, 2006

Whaa? Huh?

First, a message from the Etch A Sketch community:


We're right there with you, Etch A Sketch. Still more illegal spying? Spying on reporters? What's is gonna take before we ITMFA? Moving on, I got a mysterious message from an ITMFA supporter just now...

The reason I made the order is that I sent your URL to my son who is "fighting for Democracy" in Iraq and I got the email back saying that ITMFA site is prohibited by IZ Symantic mail security. Sign me,

"Is it fascism yet?"

Huh? Whaa? ITMFA prohibited by IZ Symantic? Mail security? What the fuck does this mean? Can anyone help me figure this shit out?

Moving on, here's a picture of a good-looking boy wearing his ITMFA pin...

owen from florida.jpg

Yes, yes—I know. He's sideways. That's how his picture came and I'm afraid I don't know how to rotate him. If I could figure out how to rotate him, I would—believe me, I would rotate that boy in a minute.

Finally, after a short lull orders for ITMFA pins and buttons are once again pouring in. Back to the mail room!

May 11, 2006

W Trashed!

There are no bumper stickers on my car—or my boyfriend's car, I should say, since I don't know how to drive—and I didn't think I would ever be tempted to slap one on. Until this picture came in the mail. Check out the latest, greatest ITMFA design...


And now a word from the designer:

It's a little mixture of lo-tek and modern wonders: Vector plotted vinyl stickers gracing the Subaru MadMaxBrat, the brand new Hyundai, and serving as a stencil for a good old-fashioned Krylon t-shirt. That's how we roll here in Georgetown, and it sure makes my commute to the east side all that much more fun!

Glad to see this stuff taking off, keep up the good work!


Wow, Iko—I fuckin' love it. How do I get my hands on one? In black, please, as our car is silver!

May 10, 2006

Picture Perfect

Photo of the day...

amanda & julie.jpg

Amanda looks smashing in her ITMFA t-shirt—and she did the design herself! If you're running around in an ITMFA t-shirt, take a pic and send it in! Okay, let's go to the ITMFA mailbag...

My wife and I placed an IMPEACH THE BUSH/CHENEY CRIME FAMILY! 2,000 WARRIORS DEAD, 20,000 WOUNDED sign—3 ft by 6 ft—on our front lawn 12-05. The neighborhood destroyed our front lawn and then went to court to get a restraining injunction against our sign, plus they have sued us for $ 30,000 in damages to the “prestige of the neighborhood“! We have counter-sued but the Bushies down here in Chattanooga, TN, don't like it when you talk badly about their president. This story went nation wide by the AP and the case will be in court probably around July. And I served in the marine corps!

I just received my ITMFA buttons and flag lapel pins. Love them! Where can I find a site that makes bumper stickers with ITMFA ?

Paul Gearinger

Keep on fighting the good fight, Paul—and you can get ITMFA bumper stickers here.

Regarding your giving half the ITMFA profits to Ned Lamont: I'm not going to even attempt to defend the Bush-eater that is Joe Lieberman. But whether Lieberman wins a bruising primary or loses to a less-experienced politician, it will weaken what is currently a solid (if only nominally) Democratic seat. It is more important for the impeachment campaign to have the Democrats retake the House and Senate than to have ideological unity in the ranks. If Harry Reid becomes majority leader, it will matter less if one of the votes behind him is a ratfink DINO.

I would respectfully ask you to consider donating the money to unseat one of the truly scary Republicans whose seat is vulnerable in this election cycle, like Mike de Wine of Ohio or your buddy Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

Other than that, keep up the good work!

Joshua C.

I've done enough damage already to Rick Santorum, I think—but, hey, if other folks want to donate money to his opponent, please be my guest. I'm giving some money to Lamont—so can you—because, well, because I wanna. And hatin' on Joe Lieberman isn't a full-time gig—I can and have donated money to other politicians, like Democrat Darcy Burner. She's running for Congress against a one-term Republican incumbent in Washington State's 8th District. You can donate to her campaign here.

Reading back in the ITMFA blog, I saw a refrence to the idea of us ITMFA-files adopting a Congressman to send an ITMFA lapel pin to. Whatever happened to the idea? Has it been done on another site yet, or is it still in the works?

Thanks for your time,

Christie S.

I was going to do some sort of elaborate “adopt a congressperson” thingy, but it was way too complicated for little ol' me. So I'm just going to send buttons and lapel pins to every Dem in Congress.

I bought buttons and pins. Buttons for the casual look, and pins for my works clothes since I'm an attorney and need to look nice and professional. I wore my lapel pin to court the other day, in a crowded courtroom in Texas, proudly standing in front of the judge, arguing a case. The only suspicious person was my staunchly Repug friend and co-counsel who (rightfully) suspected that the letters stood for something he might find offensive!

I should have taken a photo!

Anonymous Lady Lawyer

Hilarious, ALL—and if you want to send in a picture, feel free! The pic doesn't have to show your face!

ITMFA license plate spotted—in New York, in the parking lot of a local brew pub. Great to see!


If you spot the car again, Steph, take a picture! Then send it in! And if you're in Minnesota, keep your eyes peeled and you may spot an ITMFA button on Zee's computer bag...


May 4, 2006

A Bus Story

Julia writes...

The other day, I got onto a bus and sat down next to a young man, who complimented the buttons on my shoulder bag. I turned to show him the ITMFA button and asked if he knew what it meant, and he nodded, grinning. Then a guy in front of us turned around, looked at it, and said, "Impeach the motherfucker already!" This happened in Kansas City, Missouri, where I live. I thought you might like to know that even out here in bumfuck red-state country, word is spreading about ITMFA. I'm doing my best to help by wearing my button every day and explaining it to anyone who asks. Here's a shot of it on my trench coat, where it's been living lately. Thanks for starting such a great campaign!


Thank for sharing your inspiring story, Julia, and for doing your part in red-state America...

In other ITMFA news...

We're running the numbers and it looks like we'll be sending a couple of big-ass checks to the ACLU and to Ned Lamont, who is challenging against Ol' Joe Lieberman in Dem primary. Interestingly enough, someone in the Dem party contacted me last week. He urged me not to give money to Lamont, and inisisted that Ol' Joe was a real Dem, and that he had more than earned my support. Yuh-huh.

May 3, 2006

ITMFA Update

Sorry there hasn't been an update in a while—I am desperately trying to get all the orders out of the door. In the meantime, I hear ITMFA got a mention on Air America radio—thanks, gang!

Teresa wrote in to tell me that she is selling ITMFA buttons on her website too. Far from resenting the competition, I welcome it. Like Teresa says, "the more people walking around with ITMFA on their lapel, the better!" You can see Teresa's buttons here. Teresa is donating half her proceeds to MoveOn.org. And moving on to today's mail...

I'm chagrined that someone got their picture of their personalized ITMFA license plate up before me. It was only the delay from the DMV that prevented me from sending this in earlier.

itmfa 006.jpg

I think the plate makes a nice counterpoint to the Flying Spaghetti Monster logo. Truly we are touched by his noodly appendage.

Keep up the good work.

Andrew M.

Thanks, Andrew!

Traci wanted to share this ITMFA rant she posted on her blog. (Scroll down for her ITMFA post.)

Jennnifer & Pete at the University of Iowa, where I spoke last week, sent in a picture of them wearing their homemade ITMFA t-shirts.

Univ. Iowa - ITMFA.jpg

Thanks, Jennifer & Pete!

ITMFA is a great idea, but what you really need are stickers. Who can ignore a sticker on a road sign at a red light? On a window or a wall? It worked for Andre the Giant. We need ITMFA stickers infiltrating public spaces all over the country, so by the time democraters are in control of congress, everyone and their mom will be googling "ITMFA" to find out just what it means.

Graham Kolbeins

That's a great idea, Graham—I'm all for stickers. But someone will have to take that project on themselves. I'm strictly a button-and-lapel-pin shop. But folks are encouraged to take the initiative and make their own ITMFA gear, like Teresa.

Okay, gotta go stuff some envelopes—but, hey, before we go...

ALL HAIL STEPHEN COLBERT! He's a motherfucking superhero with balls of freakin' steel!


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