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April 25, 2006


First, I hope folks are rushing out to get ITMFA license plates—the most exclusive ITMFA merch available. Only fifty plates will be issued! So far North Carolina and Washington State—ahem—are taken. If you get ITMFA plates in your state, send in a picture!

Today's Picture of the Day comes from Patent Geek at Daily Kos...


He's adorable, Patent Geek! Well bred!

Viewer Mail

Let's go to the mail bag...

I bought 24 of these buttons and quickly distributed them to my family and friends. They are an enormous hit. My brother refuses to take one. He says that we need to include Cheney in the impeachment. So why not market new buttons that say:

1. ITMFA—BITVMFF (But Impeach the Vice Motherfucker First)

2. IBMFA (Impeach Both Motherfuckers Already)

What do you think?

Middle Aged Republican-Hating Mom

I've already addressed the “President Cheney” issue in this space, so I'll let Brian in Brooklyn have a whack at it...

Dan, just a thought for those who worry that impeaching the motherfucker already will elevate Buckshot Cheney to the Oval Office: check your Constitution (or just browse recent history) and you'll recall that being impeached is not the same thing as being thrown out of office. Impeachment is the Constitutional device for bringing chrages of "high crimes and misdemeanors" (such as a workday blowjob or torturing prisoners of war) against a sitting member of the executive. Being convicted (and subsequently removed from office) is a whole 'nother thing.

You may recall that the First Fellatee was impeached and also served out the rest of his second term...but was politically so hobbled that the GOP Congress wouldn't let him pass his preferred budget or continue bombing terrorist training camps in Afghanistan. If we could successfully ITMFA, at least the next few years would have a better chance of propogating slightly less evil into the world.

Brooklyn, NY

P.S. - If people are still concerned, there's always the GTMFABJA movement: Get The Motherfucker A Blow Job Already.

Speaking of blowjobs, four hundred people sent me this picture—it's not ITMFA-related, but it is pretty terrific.

Hey ITMFA: You guys kick ass! I made an animated ITMFA image. Here's a link to it . Do whatever you want with it! host it, let people download, let's just spread the word about Bush the Motherfucker needing to be impeached! Any credit for the gif creation is for Eric von Ripp. ITMFA RULES!!!!
Thanks, Eric!
Dear Dan: Thanks for my dozen buttons, which I got a week ago (you hand-address the envelopes? my god, man, no wonder you have carpal tunnel) and have already given away all of. I'll be ordering 30 more shortly. (Sorry about compounding your wrist, back and butt pain. Who knew they'd be such a hit?) Here in Manhattan, telling people about ITMFA isn't exactly incendiary, but it helps me get through the day. In my neighborhood there is a stable for a horse-mounted police unit. For some reason, if I don't pick up after my Chihuahua, I can get slapped with a fine, but the horses drop their loads with impunity. Whatever. So I combined two frustrations and attached these pics—front and back. Thanks for all your work! Jose

No, Jose, thanks for all you do to beautify piles of shit—and edify passersby...

You said you wanted pictures of folks with ITMFA gear. I just got my ITMFA camisole in the mail today and had my webcam at the ready. Attached is a picture (that I can feel comfortable showing in public, anyway). And here's my blog entry about it .


I didn't make it a point to glam myself up for this, so apologies for looking rather fug in the pic. I really wanted to show off the cami.

Keep on keepin' on!


I think you look awesome—and, hey, ITMFA guys? Where are your pics? Glam or otherwise? Send 'em in!

April 21, 2006

We Have a Winner

Oh. My. God. This is amazing—I don't why I didn't think of this. Meet Myra's truck—and check our her new vanity plates!


I was called by the DMV and they asked if the spelling was correct—I said yes—they said OK we'll make it—no problem—and today it came in the mail! Like it?


Like it, Myra? I fucking love it. I'm going to go order myself some ITMFA vanity plates right fucking now!

Satisfied Customers

A nice letter from a satisfied customer...

Thanks so much for the ITMFA pins, especially the American flag version. I'll be sporting it on my Armani at an advertising event at Philadelphia's Union League next week (if they actually let Jews in yet). Just wanted to respond to the poster who was concerned about Cheney taking the top slot if Bush is impeached. When people ask me what my ITMFA button stands for, I say, “Impeach the motherfuckers already.” The plural use keeps the structure of the acronym in place and earns many smiles, too!—David

And a nice picture from another satisfied customer...

Hi Dan. Attached is a picture of me, my dad Tom and my 8 month old son Tommy wearing our buttons. I wear mine on my purse strap so I always have it on.

ITMFA pic.jpg

Thanks again for all you are doing!—Denise

Satisfied t-shirt customer Christie writes...

I noticed you wanted photos of people with ITMFA gear, so I have attached a photo of me in my ITMFA tshirt. I also blogged about it.


Keep having these great ideas. We have to find SOMETHING to focus on until he gets impeached. (I'm keeping a good thought.)

Christie Keith

You can get an ITMFA t-shirt by clicking here.

And, finally, a satisfied customer asks...

I have a double life. I am a teacher in a very conservative school district. (just imagine a high school senior pulling into the parking space next to me in a new hummer....) I need to wear my ITMFA button at my very conservative job. I need a substitute slogan that I can give to my A-hole superiors and uptight co-workers and students when I know they will recoil in horror if I give them the real story. Have any of your readers come up with an alternative job-saving slogan for ITMFA? I am willing to give the real meaning to the people I know are cool, but I can't afford to have one of those little pieces of paper go into my permanent file!

April 18, 2006

More Shipping News

More lapel pins arrived today, so if you're waiting on your order—and many folks are—rest assured that you should have your ITMFA lapel pin by the end of the week. Oh, and some folks have recently written in accusing me of profiting from ITMFA. That's not gonna happen. All profits are going to the ACLU, as previously stated, and to Ned Lamont, the Dem challenging Lieberman. I'm not getting anything out of ITMFA 'cepting carpel tunnel syndrome. And penance, of course.

In other ITMFA developments... Kyle send in this lovely picture of his easter egg...

itmfa egg.jpg

Jenny sent this ITMFA sign that incorporates Newt Gingrich's suggested "Had Enough?" slogan for Dems in 2006.

Moving on to the mail bag...

I don't have any official gear to display yet, but here's a picture from a weekly peace protest in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, featuring a homemade ITMFA sign. (The turnout wasn't too impressive this Friday; there are usually many more people there.)


I have one concern, though: if "The Motherfucker" were impeached, wouldn't Dick Cheney become president? Then President pro tem Dennis Hastert, then Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice, then Sec. of the Treasury John Snow and on down the line? It would take 18 impeachments to go through all the available Cabinet members and reach a state of total anarchy, unless there were some way to impeach the entire administration in one fell swoop. Maybe what we really need is to ITWMFAA, or Impeach the Whole Motherfucking Administration Already, a.k.a. "Federal Recall Election."


Sigh. This is part of the evil genius that defines George Bush. If you're going to be the worst president in American history, get yourself a VP who is even more loathsome, and make sure that everyone else in line for the presidency is as scary or scarier than you are.

Like I said last week, I don't expect George Bush to be impeached. But he should be impeached. And if everyone else in line for the presidency weren't so scary, and if the Rs weren't running the show, and the Dems weren't such fucking pussies... he would be impeached. Two years ago. There's not a lot we can do right now—besides vote, vote, vote for Dems in November—but we can, like Rep. Conyers, make it clear that we knew Bush was a danger to American democracy.

Ol' W. is coming to speak at Oklahoma State University's Commencement ceremony on May 6th. The Democrats and other like-minded students on campus are incensed and we are getting ready to stage a demonstartion on the day he speaks. I'm going to see about ordering some ITMFA-wear, but I just wanted to tell you that some of us out in the boonies still have our sanity. Any suggestions for a great demonstration chant?—Liz

Hm... chants? None come to mind. But why not get folks to put large ITMFA stickers on top of their graduation caps? It would make a lovely statement and an even lovelier picture...

April 14, 2006


I'm sorry I haven't had much time to post anything here. I'm way too busy filling orders—yes, we've now got more than $10,000 worth of orders in. And, yes, I'm still doing this all by myself, so for the love of God be patient! Hundreds more have gone out in the last two days, hundreds more going on on Monday.

ITMFA merch.jpg

Still, with the way things are going for Bush right now, I'm worried the motherfucker is going to be impeached before I can get all these orders filled!

April 11, 2006

The Shipping News

I've been hearing from folks who want to know where the heck their buttons and lapel pins are. I can truthfully say that your ITFMA merch is either on its way or its on order—there are no buttons or pins on my desk `cuz all the buttons and pins at ITMFA HQ have been shipped out. We've got more pins and buttons arriving later in the week, and I'll have the rest of your orders out by the end of the week.

Sorry about the SNAFUs, but ITMFA is a DIY/one-man shop, and I was unprepared for the demand.

Here's a little proof that orders are actually going out and that people are getting their buttons and pins...

Dan: I just wanted to say thanks for all of your hard work on this project. Its great to see like-minded folks pulling together to spread the word. I ordered 6 buttons, kept one from myself and gave the rest away to friends who hadn't heard about ITMFA. They LOVED the idea and all put their buttons on immediately. I thought it may take me a while to find people who would wear them, thankfully I was wrong! Thanks again!


And to be fair and balanced, a little proof that some folks are still waiting for their orders...

My 10 year-old son is uncomfortable saying 'mother fucker' in explaining what the big reflective letters on our car's bumper stand for (he's just naturally clean-mouthed—go figure), so he substitutes 'malodorous fart!' Never fails to get a chuckle.

Can't wait 'til my box o' buttons arrives. Thanks for all your hard work.


P.S. If anybody needs more evidence that it's imperative to get that messianic mother fucker out of office ASAP, they need look no further than Sy Hersh's latest investigative piece in The New Yorker. Now the administration is planning a nuclear attack on Iran? Yikes!

In other ITMFA developments, this woman wanted everyone to see the ITMFA mug she made for and by herself. Very nice work! And this man wanted us all to see the ITMFA sticker on his BMW—which he expects to be keyed at any moment.

April 8, 2006

Lost Weekend

Okay, so I just finished stuffing 500 envelopes with ITMFA buttons and lapel pins—my arms are hurtin' (fucking carpel tunnel), my eyes ache, and my butt is sore from sitting in the same position for seven hours. So what do I do now? Why toss up a long blog post, of course.

I mailed out the first big batch of ITMFA merch earlier this week—folks should have been receiving their buttons and lapel pins on the same day that they were learning that Bush authorized leaks of classified intelligence to reporters. Talk about timing.

Your pin arrived just in time for me to wear it on my spiffy suit! No one knew what it meant until I told them (I got some funny guesses though).




You're welcome, Becky, and your ITMFA pin looks lovely on your suit. (Digging the hoolahoop too.) I'd love to hear from more folks who've received their ITMFA merch—and send in pics (camera pics are fine), and I'll post them here.

Hey Dan,

I'm the guy who initially sent you a letter (which you printed in Savage Love) against going forward with the ITMFA campaign. I have to report my conversion to the cause. After hearing on the news that TMF had actually personally (PERSONALLY!) permitted the outing of Valerie Plame, I think any thinking person must back the removal of such an unrepentant criminal from his position as "leader of the free world.” Even if the effort is doomed to failure, the people must speak. So go crazy !

Also, how can I contribute substantially to your efforts without having to buy a boxful of buttons ? Can you put a Paypal link on the ITMFA site ?


I'm glad you've come around, Johnnyboy, and it's sweet that you want to toss me a couple of bucks. But there are folks out there who need your money more than I do—for instance, Ned Lamont. Lamont is the Dem challenging psuedo-Dem Joe Lieberman in Connecticut. If you want to buy a lapel pin or a button, I'll take your money. (All profits will go to to the ACLU.) If you want to make a donation to someone who not only wants to see Bush held accountable, Johnnyboy, but can actually do something about it if he gets elected, send those dollars to Ned. Click here to make a donation to Ned's campaign.

Moving on, a Canadian who feels our pain writes...

Up here in the Great White North, we have our own Motherfucker, Steven Harper. He's crafty, smart and a real bitch. I've attached an impression formed after his "secret visit" to Afghanistan to "support the troops", telling them that Canadians, don't "cut and run" and about six other bushisms.

In other art news, Iko wanted to share this design with ITMFAers. He writes...

I'm an artist with the Cell Division collective, and put this image together recently for our use (I work at a sign shop, so I can make some nice cut vinyl stickers among other things.) They're popping up on our vehicles, water bottles, laptops, local business' bathrooms, etc. I wanted to offer it up for any use you or your readers can put it to use. Best of luck with the continuing effort!

Andrew writes...

I did a quick ITMFA design and slapped up a cafe press store here: http://www.cafepress.com/itmfa

I have to say, I was surprised the ITMFA cafepress site name was available. If someone more productive wants it, let me know, I'd be happy to give it up. Also, I'm not upcharging at all (spreading the meme), but if someone wants to take over the design they're welcome to use for one of the ACLU beneficiating sites.

Keep doing the Lord's work!

Thanks, Andrew, I will. Okay, we're going to close with Stacy...

I wrote a letter to the editor about Wisconsin's referenda about bringing the troops home and tried to sneak in a reference to ITMFA. Nearly got in too. Read it here.

Stacy from Madison

Thanks for doing your part to spread the meme, Stacy. I liked your letter so much that I'm going to run the whole thing here, if that's okay with you...

Dear Editor: This is a letter of thanks to everyone in the Madison community and the places across the state who voted in support of the "Bring Our Troops Home Now" referendums.

Those who opposed this grass-roots campaign to allow voters to have a voice on this issue might argue that there weren't a lot of people who showed up or that the votes were too close to have a clear mandate on the issue. Haven't we heard that recently? They and our elected officials must understand: The majority of the people who voted want the U.S. out of Iraq now.

The best thing that we can do is to impeach that massive failure of a president. America needs a leader who can build an international coalition of support to rebuild Iraq from the shocking and awful mess that we've made. We need a leader who can apologize for George Bush's mistakes and fix them with true humanitarian rather than corporate interests at heart.

Families want the troops home. Citizens want troops home. Voters want them home where they can get real support.

Stacy Harbaugh

Okay, I've got to go order some more buttons and lapel pins—we've gone through 2,000 buttons and 500 lapel pins, and now the cupboard is bare. I'm sorry that some folks are going to have to wait a bit longer, but, shit, my arms need the break!

April 4, 2006

1,000 Orders and Counting

Not much to report today—first batches went out in the mail yesterday, more buttons arrive tomorrow. While you wait for your official ITMFA gear, enjoy these pictures from folks who have made their own ITMFA gear.

Sebastian took this picture in Atlanta last weekend on Saturday, April 1, during the MLK remberance/anti-war march...


Carrie in Tallahassee writes...

Hail! ITMFA!

Where the hell are my stencils and stick-on letters? Must have gone in the last yard sale. But I did find a great material to make letters out of. DUCT TAPE. Not the nasty goop-stuck-to-cheesecloth type of duct tape, but the aluminum kind that you use for sealing fiberglass ductwork & peels off a backing. It is ridiculously easy to cut letters, punctuation, or whatever you like. Here is the lovely result.


Nice work, Carrie!

And finally, here's a pic of the stack of ITMFA orders that are currently sitting on my desk—more than 1,000 of 'em.


I've got my work cut out for me—and, hey, if you're in Seattle and you wanna help, I might be looking for some volunteers this weekend. Email me at dan@itmfa.com if you looooove stuffing envelopes.

Finally, some of you will be getting your official ITMFA buttons and lapel pins in the mail Wednesday or Thursday. Once you get 'em, take some pics of you and your friends wearing your ITMFA gear and email 'em to me!

April 3, 2006

From the Mailbag...

Thanks for all your hard work, but look at your prices! Buttons are $1.50 each but three for $2.50??? That means two buttons is more expensive than three buttons. Three buttons should be $4 if you want to discount volume sensibly. And you should maybe bump these prices up in light of what you said about envelopes and postage.

Best, DF

Thanks for the note, DF, and I have upped my prices—just by a quarter, and only on the buttons. My volume discount still doesn't make much sense, but I'm a sex-advice columnist, not an MBA. If I knew how to make decent money selling shit I wouldn't have read so many emails from people who get off on eating shit.

Oh, and we're well past $7,000 in sales now—I'm blown away. My elbows ache like fucking hell. But keep buying!

I just finished reading through your April 2 post on ITMFA.com, and I want to say something that might cheer you up.

I'm finishing up a term paper about humor in Chaucer's writing (and by finishing I mean "barely starting"), and I came across this quote, by D.W. Robertson, Jr. "In any tightly knit community ridicule is a potent weapon of correction." While we are arguably less tightly-knit, geographically, than in Chaucer's day, the internet has brought the world together in a whole new way, and ITMFA allows people to show their scorn for Bush's policies, his politics, and his disrespect for human rights and the laws of our nation.

So you're doing a good thing, Dan, and even if laughing at Bush can't really get him booted out of office, and can't really take away his power, maybe when his approval ratings sink to the single digits, his party members will think twice about backing and covering for his inane, illegal projects. And that's no small thing.


You're right about Republicans bailing on Bush, Shelby. Check out this AP story: "From Iraq to deficits, from immigration to port security, some of the most pointed criticism leveled at President Bush is coming from within his own party. Republicans these days are almost sounding like perennially divided Democrats. The rising GOP angst stems from Bush's deep slump in the polls and the growing unpopularity of the Iraq war." (Hat tip: Americablog.)

Please accept my ITMFA order as a donation. No need to send a pin. Use the five-dollars to cover your operation expenses or to further the cause.

Before the ITMFA campaign, I was relatively unfamiliar with your work. But last
week, I read both “The Kid” and “The Commitment” in one night—instead of
writing my thesis. Although I now scramble to meet a wrongfully imposed
deadline for an evil advisor, it was worth it. Thank you for those wonderful

Craig H.

Thanks for the donation, Craig, and the swell compliments.

In other ITMFA news...

ITMFA.com reader Dave Baker tossed some new original ITMFA designs up at CafePress. You can check `em out here.

And to the folks who want me to create and sell bumper stickers: Please. The button and lapel pin business is killing me. I'm not adding any more crap to my line of ITMFA merch. But, hey, feel free to create your own ITMFA merch. Much to the consternation of my business-minded pals (Democrats, one and all), I didn't copyright “ITMFA.” I'm not in this to profit, I'm just in it to spread the meme, create some sense of solidarity as we slog through the next three fucking years, and, like Shelby says, show their scorn.

So if you want a bumper sticker, make one! Like David C., who sent in this design for an ITMFA bumper sticker.

April 2, 2006

Sunday Night Report

Okay, so, like....

I'm sorry I didn't get to any of the writing I planned to do this weekend (seriously sorry), but we're at $6,500 worth of orders now, and I'm stuffing these damn envelopes all by lonesome. I also somehow managed to buy 1,000 envelopes that don't actually seal when you lick `em. So I'm basically, like, fucked.

And I'm fucked in the head: I didn't figure on having to pay for envelopes and postage and tax and PayPall's percentage when I worked all this out, so I'm losing money on smaller orders—but, hey, that's a small price to pay to spread ITMFA far and wide. (And maybe it's my small way of doing penance, Atrios. And more on just what I need to do penance for tomorrow, I swear.) Thankfully most of the orders are for more than one button or one lapel pin, so I'm still going to be able to send the ACLU a nice big check when I get out of the button and lapel pin business.

The good news? Thousands of button and lapel pins are going out in the mail tomorrow, so folks all around the country—Georgia, New York, North Carolina, California, Idaho, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., Texas—will be sporting ITMFA wear by mid-week. I'm even filling orders in Canada and the U.K. (How about one or two for you, Jack Straw?)

The bad news? Besides losing money on smaller orders and not having any time to write this weekend, I ran out of buttons. More on order, but it may be a week before I can get more buttons in the mail. And the way things are going I may run out of lapel pins by the middle of the week. But have no fear: more orders have been placed, and more buttons and lapel pins are on their way.

Quickly, a couple reader's questions...

Hey I just followed your link to the ITMFA website, very cool. I was looking through the pictures people sent in and a couple of the shots were of hot chicks proudly displaying the ITMFA. Any chance you can encourage your readers to send in naked pictures of themselves with the ITMFA placed somewhere on their body? Then you can post the best. This way I can combine my two favorite time wasters... hating Bush and loving bush. Just a suggestion. Naked People For ITMFA

I'm open to posting pictures of people representin' ITMFA, as the kids like to say. What form that representin' takes is pretty much up to the folks who send in pictures. If folks want to paint ITMFA on their bodies and send in pics, I would be happy to create a gallery dedicated to ITMFA-promoting exhibitionists.

What I'm most excited about, though, is getting some pics in this week from people wearing official ITMFA buttons and lapel pins. Unless someone's got some seriously pieced nipples or genitals, they're going to have to be clothed to wear the official ITMFA merch.

I heard a term used recently that I'd never heard of before, and I can't find a definition or description of it anywhere on the internet. I have no idea what it means, but it just sounds so odd that I have to ask: What the hell is poodle-balling? Thanks!
I have no idea, but hopefully it's going to be illegal Arizona soon .
I'm a longtime reader and fan, and for what it's worth, I'd like to urge you NOT to push the ITMFA thing. The thing with Santorum was great, and worked as a combination of humor and political commentary. By associating his name with the substance, you have probably injured him politically more than any other person in the country.

The problem is that ITMFA is so obviously doomed to failure (the GOP-controlled congress just won't do it), that you are diminishing your political capital greatly. I hate Bush's policies with a passion, but I am afraid you are making a mistake by pushing this. Bush won't be hurt at all, and you just look ineffectual.

Nonetheless, I am sure that you've heard lots of people's opinions on this, so you'll probably continue. Good luck with it, and keep up the great writing.


I'm flattered by your note, GVC, but I can think of one man that has done a hell of a lot more damage to Rick Santorum than I have: Rick Santorum. His creepy obsession with other people's sex lives, his ethical lapses, his record... I kinda, sorta think that Santorum would be trailing his opponent even if that frothy mix had never come along.

But, hey, thanks.

As for ITMFA's success or failure, let me get this on the record: I don't expect that this little campaign is going to lead to President Bush being removed from office. It would be nice, of course, but unlikely.

So what's this all about then? Well, a Savage Love reader suggested it, and who am I to stand in the way of my readers? But the reason I'm pouring my weekend and my money into this campaign is because... well, let me quote at length from Lewis Lapham's essay, The Case for Impeachment. Lapham leads with U.S. Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D., Mich). Last year Conyer's introduced a resolution calling on Congress to impeach the president. No one noticed.

The nearly complete silence raised the question as to what it was the congressman had in mind, and to whom did he think he was speaking? In time of war few propositions would seem as futile as the attempt to impeach a president whose political party controls the Congress; as the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee stationed on Capitol Hill for the last forty years, Representative Conyers presumably knew that to expect the Republican caucus in the House to take note of his invitation, much less arm it with the power of subpoena, was to expect a miracle of democratic transformation and rebirth not unlike the one looked for by President Bush under the prayer rugs in Baghdad. Unless the congressman intended some sort of symbolic gesture, self-serving and harmless, what did he hope to prove or to gain? He answered the question in early January, on the phone from Detroit during the congressional winter recess.

“To take away the excuse,” he said, “that we didn't know.” So that two or four or ten years from now, if somebody should ask, “Where were you, Conyers, and where was the United States Congress?” when the Bush Administration declared the Constitution inoperative and revoked the license of parliamentary government, none of the company now present can plead ignorance or temporary insanity, can say that “somehow it escaped our notice” that the President was setting himself up as a supreme leader exempt from the rule of law.

Okay, so this ain't congress, and, unlike Conyers', there's nothing soaring or grand about my rhetoric. “Impeach the motherfucker already” ain't no “high crimes and misdemeanors.” But wearing an ITMFA button or a lapel pin or a t-shirt allows folks who aren't members of Congress to answer Conyers' question: Where were we when the Bush administration declared the constitution inoperative and revoked the license of parliamentary government? Well, we were wondering why the assholes in the U.S. Congress hadn't IMPEACHED THE MOTHERFUCKER ALREADY, and we were wearing these buttons and lapel pins.

Beyond that, ITMFA is fun. It's like a secret club. Unlike most anti-Bush merch, unless someone knows what ITMFA means, they don't, uh, know what it means. (Sorry, it's late.) Most anti-Bush stickers, buttons, or t-shirts aren't conversation starters, they're conversations stoppers. Not ITMFA. I've been wearing my button all week, and everyone I go people ask me what it means. And when I tell them, they laugh and become members of the club.

Will the laughs result in Bush being removed from office? No, they won't. But we're going to need to have a few laughs to get us through the next 1000+ days of the Bush administration.


Send us comments and pictures of people wearing ITMFA t-shirts, buttons, etc.
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