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Buttons and Lapel Pins Going Fast!

Thanks to Americablog and Democratic Underground for linking to the www.ITMFA.comóI'm thinking the fact that we've already sold $3,000 worth of ITMFA buttons and lapel pins has something to do with those links. Thanks!

Folks are sending in more pictures of their homemade ITMFA-wear...


...which is wonderful. Keep 'em coming! More going up this weekend!

Some folks want to know why I'm not selling t-shirts. Well, I'm a pretty small operationóit's just me and my laptop and a pile of envelopes that need to have buttons and lapel pins stuffed in them. There are, however, some nice looking ITMFA t-shirt designs floating around out there. I particularly like the t-shirts and other stuff being sold on Cafepress by that freakin' genius at Slapnose.com. Check it out:


Order a t-shirt through Slapnose, if you gotta have a t-shirt, or design your ownóbut send me a picture whatever you do!


Send us comments and pictures of people wearing ITMFA t-shirts, buttons, etc.
Email ITMFA.com

More Gear

Want t-shirts, bumper stickers, thongs, mousepads, hats or other ITMFA stuff? Check out the selection at semi-ITMFA-affiliated Slapnose!

itmfa gear

Trash W!

Want to make "ITMFA/Trash W" t-shirts or stickers of your very own? Here's the regular version; here's a backwards version. Of all the ITMFA designs that have come in, I have to say that this one is my absolute favorite.
trash w
Regular Version
Backwards Version